I Wonder

by Discoverer

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This is essentially a compilation of different projects from this past year, touching on all different subjects, and all different styles. There was no specific direction I wanted to take this EP, and I had no real destination in mind, so I just followed where it chose to take me. It's an odd, incoherent, and scrambled mess of music, full of questions left unanswered, and answers to questions that we don't understand. But, despite the confusion, one theme might be concluded: that we will never know, or we'll know and always wonder.


released December 29, 2012

Albert Davis: Artwork and Design; Dana Shihadah, Connor Carmody: Vocals on "Ibdes"; Stephen L'Heureux: Vocals on "I Found North"; Sarah Shihadah: Lyrics on "The Third World" and "Joy"



all rights reserved


Discoverer Urbana, Illinois

Discoverer is a musical project started by Tariq Shihadah to explore experiences, dreams, and the world around him. Discoverer isn't about contriving the perfect tune but about finding the songs already inside us and in the communities we live in. The ambient, post-rock influenced music by this self-described "Midwest Folk" artist will draw you into a place of introspection and vulnerability. ... more

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Track Name: Ibdis
if ever I feel heaven’s gust on the earth
across my sweat-moist brow
it will be as I lay eyes closed and dreaming
in the same garden that Situ lined with seeds
before they tore us down for canvas

the sprout of my father’s family
brother providence and sister sustenance
under the arms of immovable sycamore
the call of lanterns hung above
a hopeful eye

upon the foundations of forefathers
sons build homes for children
from their wells we breathe dawn
of their skies drink dusk
and fill our bellies with good fruit
the reward of century’s toil

stories are crowns
ornamented rings on our fingers
they who hold fast
are champion
take heart

take heart

take heart
take heart
justice approaches swiftly
take heart
take heart
the wages of a champion comes
he approaches swiftly
Track Name: Hunger & Thirst
run to the well
and pull up the water
and kiss the cheek of a girl
and hold her hand
and drink until you’re filled
so that you don’t feel
then steal away to the pool
and hold her heel
‘til you sleep at the bottom
afraid but never alone

then use the key
that came from your mirror wall
when you hated yourself
when you found yourself again
when you came back home (do you remember?)
then steal away your heart
from your Lover
‘cause you never see Him anymore
‘cause you never look anymore

my heart starves
faster than my belly

“hello there, what can I get for you?”
“i’ll have a loaf of bread and a glass of water, please.”
“sure thing, let me go grab them for you.”
“thanks. how much will that be?”
“that’ll be your life, please.”
“worth every moment.”

things like me break
we’re not so pretty in the morning
Track Name: I Found North
Young traveler
Passionate wonderer
You’re missing your direction
No good is a compass
That hasn’t North
The winds are always changing
And water’s always turning
But that isn’t where we’re heading
When we’re loving
And we know Love

O vagabond
Bedouin warrior
You’re missing your meaning
No good is man
When he covers his eyes
These times are always changing
And the world is always moving
But that isn’t where we’re heading
When we’re searching
And we know Love

He said he’s alive
He said he’s alive
I didn’t see life in his eyes
He was dead on the inside

No good is a map
That hasn’t direction
The Mapper’s intention
Track Name: The Third World
have you ever stood along the shore
of your neat and tidy understanding
and wondered who sent the waves
that so faithfully kiss the sand?

how did the oceans grow full?
were they once dry valleys, or fields?
running grounds and picnic-places?
or were we always trapped on these swollen
islands, and are these waters still unbridgeable?

the tears they cried
could have flooded all our shoes and spilled across your beach
sending waves to echo their despair,
crashing mightily on the border of a stranger's world,
with flecks of foamy hope mixing with the mud
--this message is far too big for a bottle.

if you craned your neck you could have read her lips,
the mother mourning unashamed in the street
you could have read a thousand lifetimes of grief,
if you were looking, darling

i'm asking you to touch the tide and ask
if the shore is more than the beginning of your world,
if it's the edge of hers,
and if that ocean spray doesn't taste so very much like your own sorrow.

in the sting of this new wind,
let me hold you, sweetheart,
because they're asking us to see.
i hope you cry a little, babe.
i'm not blaming you, love,
but no one can afford this blindness.

so let's get baptized in these waters,
find redemption in recognition,
send our ships to the horizon of these overgrown puddles.
dive in with me, baby, and we'll make for shore
just to know our brothers,
and to say,
in this family, no one may drown alone,
and we won't be dry until they are.
Track Name: Eden
Where do I live?
Where’d You put Eden?
I want to find it
and make it my home.
‘Cause I was mistaken
when I said I would make it home
the last time before I died.
And I’m not feeling strong right now.
So sleep until you wake and it’s all gone,
or stand against the dark and hold a light inside your eyes.
Fan the flame, it’s the only way to keep me warm.
As wind blows down your arm hold the banner high above your head;
the red and gold and white they said would win before the end.
Walk though burden comes and comforts go
because the righteous defend their eternal home;
it’s all they know.
Track Name: Joy
Never call it cost
Surrender in this life
Is truest treasure found
No heart can be as full
As the one that knows Him well
The one that knows Him well

O Joy

And none can know His joy
If they know not the King
For joy is in His hand
He lifts dawn anew in us
And He’s the dawn that shines in me
The dawn that shines in me

O Joy

O I am redeemed
Lord You love me so
And I don’t know why
Be glorified
My God forgave me
And He will always set me free

O Joy